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Fire Carnelian and Etched White Jade Earrings

These hand-made Fair Trade Green Tibetan Jade and Carnelian earrings are detailed with white puca shells and leaf charm.  

If you would like to replace the metal hooks with Sterling Silver, simply add a note to your cart for and they will be changed out before being shipped to you! Please take this into consideration when selecting a price! :)

Jade can be found in British Columbia, the United States, New Zealand, China, Russia, Taiwan, Poland, and India. It is the official gemstone of British Columbia and Alaska. It is considered a sacred stone, respected for its healing properties, particularly for the kidneys, liver, spleen, heart, and thyroid. Believed to increase life expectancy, it is also considered a symbol of love and virtue.

Carnelian can be found in Brazil, Arabia, India, Russia, Madagascar, South Africa and the United States.  It is believed to activate the lower three chakras of the body, increasing awareness and improving memory.  It is said to clear the mind and help in public speaking.  It can aid in sexual-related dysfunction, as well as infertility, through relieving sexual tension while sending extra energy to the reproductive organs.